Model NameWI-IT-5S
Electrode MaterialPlatinum Plated Titanium
No. of Electrode5 Plates
Cleaning MethodReverse polarity after working
PhaseAlkaline-5 phase, Purified, Acidic-2 phase
No. of Filter1 Filter
<Longevity> 6 Months (3,600 Litre)
Filter ReplacementBack Side
Filter MaterialActivated Carbon, Anion Ceramix, Felt etc, 9 Phase
Power Consumption120 VA, Tranformer
Temperature of Source Water5~30°c
Available Water Pressure0.7~5kgf/cm2
Protection SystemFuse 3A, bimetal, built-in temperature sensor
Dimension385mm (H) x 284mm (W) x 134mm (D)
WeightAbout 7kg
OperationTouch Switch
DisplayLCD Display



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